New York - NY City, Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island 1875) - Was a gift from France to the United State as a symbol of freedom and democracy
Connecticut - From the coast of Connecticut to Hartford
Rhode Island - Passing through, going to Providence, and Boston MA
Massachusetts - Boston coastal at night
New Hampshire - Manchester, going to Portland to eat some lobster roll?

Maine - Portland, lighthouse by the sea

New York - NY State, Niagara Falls, view from the USA
Canada - Going to the Niagara Falls, London and Toronto and the countryside
Michigan - Detroit! Detroit, Michigan!

Like many, MANY cities in America (West or East, North or South) never visited by tourists (No business going there, far too dangerous and depressive to look at), a hidden reality so repetitive of social injustice and alarming growing inequality that can be seen only if you really want to see. Due to the enormous amount of photos and videos showing these events and the lack of interest by people in seeing them, I have removed 99% of them.

I’d rather show the diverse, beautiful geographical landscape of this country, -which as well is starting to be destroyed all over- than the negative aspect of human intervention, again, a harsh unfortunate reality.

Indiana - Rural Travel by the state line to Illinois
Illinois - Chicago, Millennium Park, the Cloud Gate by Artist Anish Kapoor, LakeMichigan
Wisconsin - Windmills, going to Milwaukee and Madison
Minnesota - Horses eating on the prairie going to St. Paul
Iowa - Little “Detour” to go see the State Capitol in Des Moines, Great…
South Dakota - Mount Rushmore (1927 - 1941) in the Black Hills by Lincoln and Gutzon Borglum (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln)
Nebraska - Crossing Wyoming going to Colorado, again, Just beautiful…
Colorado - From Boulder to the Rocky Mountains NP (12,000ft and up, rough, you better know to drive well and not be scared…)

2016 Traveling in the USA

Ohio - Small detour going to check on Toledo

Traveling II
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The Unbearable Nature of this Country ?

Forget about traveling abroad! Money is an issue. Too many taxes and people don’t get much in return. Not to mention the addiction of modern society spending more time on their phones, watching useless reality TV shows or playing aggressive video games. The level of absurdity and stupidity have never been so high. And Miami is definitely very good about it (if not the best!).

Traveling just before the election, which by the way was embarrassing!
This trip was fantastic! Spreading from coast to coast and anywhere in between, the stunning beauty of this country will be forever embedded in our hearts. From lush green fields to
majestic peaks to exuberant forests to the often neglected deserts, with a variety of wildlife from bison to elk to bald eagles to red foxes, America has it all.

Sadly, despite American culture emphasizing traveling within the US, few people get to witness all this beauty. Traveling has become a luxury these days. People are struggling more than ever due to low-paying jobs, a poor economy, social inequality, and therefore they can barely save money to go on a vacation in their own country.

From Patricia Vasquez + MHD59 . The 2016 USA Tour

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