Intro to Apology not Accepted

I should have known better?
By Maximin Lida

A few words before you start reading this “Intro”: Do not take all that I have to say too seriously, I do mean and feel what I have written. However, in the end, this will not change anything, so instead of becoming obsessive, upset, angry or whatever, just look at the big picture and then you will probably realize that you are surrendered by so much vulgarity, stupidity, ignorance and corruption, that nothing in life is more important than the person standing (your partner) next to you...
The most important thing in life will be LOVE...

The Unbearable Love of the Blue Horse for the Yellow Chick

Dedicated to: Patricia Vasquez Lida
The “Gerbera” Girl from the ESA and APOCALYPSE Project

Apology not Accepted - PART I

Miseries... Are we so DUMB like they have said? - By Maximin Lida

I am wondering when the stupidity will stop. I have been saying for a long time, as well as so many other people long before me and today, we are still in the same place as before. The question will be: What happened? All the lies and excuses have been put together to create such a distortion of the facts that it will be difficult today to be able to know truth from fiction. Media has been bought, private corporations have been retained by a government that indirectly does the job that the government should have done at half the price, and the machine of corruption goes on and on... without almost no accountability.

Trillions of dollars have been spent in war in the name of I don’t know what, that today I still do not know and can’t figure it out as well.

The Irony of it all is... that in the past ten years so many books, documentaries and movies have been released, giving people a clearer and more rational view of the facts than most of the time, without interests or political propaganda, with the only information so we can live in a better world in peace and still, as today, we have learned absolutely nothing at all.

The Year
of Reflection?

Love comes in all shapes and sizes - you never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. You know you'll be doing your personal best, when you compare against yourself - The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.

Save the World, No Cure at All...

Today will be the day that I give up talking about this... I have become far too upset, angry, and I must say depressed to see the result of what human beings have been doing to the world and to ourselves... Yes, the world has never been a fair place, but that does not give the excuse for a few to have created a world of horror for others.

This country, that I once believed would have been the country that if you are an honest and hard working person, it would be the country where you would succeed and cheer with others, has been a flaw, just a bad dream... of course, do not make the mistake of thinking that in another country the grass will be greener. That will be a mistake... think that it will be different and sometimes better and many times worse.

The fact of the matter is that because most of the time we have great expectations about this country and make so many assumptions, we will collapse in an area of disappointment.

Forget about the good US marines to come and rescue you from the bad people, that is over a long time ago, wondering if that happened before.... I have taken a closer look again at 9/11, then at Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, and in the past months at Japan and, if all these dramatic and horrific events have nothing in common on the surface, they have at the end more than what we think: irresponsibility... I should have known better than hoping that the world, the people, their representatives as the government will do better... I have been wrong... No CURE will be found to save the world from the inevitable collapse that we are going to experience. We have done that to ourselves (A few have done this). and no matter what you may think, I am still positive about a miracle.

Now, I am going to walk to see the beach and enjoy the palm trees, maybe something will come around that can save the world...It will probably not be the cheerleader we have to protect or the Artist Issac Mendez, just a dream.

To Be Continued and Bla Bla Bla

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