Latour Restaurant in 1984 Miami, Coconut Grove,
Mayfair with Walter Larsen III

MHD59 in 1987 with Andre Surmain at the Palm court Hotel, Palm Beach by Jan Norris,
Food editor of the Palm Beach Post

Expressions in the Art of Cooking
About the Art Cookbook (1987 - revised 2012)

About MHD59 in the Food Industry (Few Reviews) 1985 - 1997

Cookbook IV
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Bon Vivant Magazine 1996    -   The finest menu accompanied by the finest wines and superb cigars

Palm Beach Society 1996   -   Some make you “Yawn”. Other are excellent - at the Chesterfield   

Barbara Lazaroff 1996   -   Just excellent “Ladies Who Lunch” Wolfgang Puck

Palm Beach Island 1996   -   Memorable dinner MHD59, A. Poette “Eden Rock”, F. Leroy “Hotel Bristol” & Anne Marie Victory

Palm Beach Today 1996   -   Elegance ...

Palm Beat 1995   -   MHD59, Chic and Chic ...

London  News 1995   -   Finest Food of the hottest night spot in Palm Beach

London  Times 1995   -   Award for excellence in food & beverage, quality, profit

Palm Beach Review 1995   -   MHD59 F&B Director genius of the Chesterfield

Food Review 1995   -   Delicious success - Chic Dinner Michel & Alain *****

PB Gourmet 1995   -   Creative mind behind the menu at the chesterfield - imagination

The Tribune 1995   -   Bringing out the best

John Gander 1995   -   Dining & divining

Bon Vivant 1995   -   Superb menu

Palm Beach Life 1995   -   The supper club, beautiful

Travel Host Magazine 1995   -   The renowned MHD59, cuisine equally artful and pleasurable

Society 1995   -   Kitchen star

Taste of the Nation 1995   -   Superb

Ocean Drive Miami 1995   -   Artistic culinary philosophy, is erudite as well, planned a piece of Americana, Haute spot

Worth Avenue 199   -   MHD59 = creativity & simplicity

T.G.I.F. 1994   -    Dining delights favorite restaurant, best 2000 restaurant in Florida

PB Life 1994   -   MHD59 & Alain - The tasty cuisine, a success

Daily News 1994   -   Incredible flavor and food presentation

Palm Beach 1994   -   Chic Dinner

Restaurant Review 1994   -   MHD59 & Alain - Food ****, Service***1/2, work of art

Cookbook 1994   -   Stars shines in the kitchen

H. Perez Vidal 1994   -   Dishes edible works of art

Dining Out 1993   -   MHD59, tasty cuisine by Donna Parisher Scott

Cookbook 1993   -   Stars shines in the kitchen

Illustrated 1993   -   Simply elegant

Florida  M. 1992   -   Most Popular restaurant in PBC *****

Post 1992   -   South Florida best food

PB Society 1992   -   Celebrated executive chef MHD59

NRA Nation Restaurant 1992   -   Diner recommendation with MHD59 executive chef

Illustrated 1992   -   Talent and reputation of MHD59

Miami Herald 1992   -   News restaurant lead the way, **** star dining

Sun Sentinel 1992   -   Expensive, exquisite, exclusive MHD59 is quite a draw, best food around

Boca Raton Magazine 1992   -   The terrific taste and lovely presentation, a spectacular dinner

Focus Magazine 1991   -   An array of gourmet delicacies, magnificent surrounding in the menu of chef MHD59
P. Beach Polo Magazine 1991   -   The most elegant cuisine of MHD59

Daily New 1991   -   MHD59 with Raymond Blanc 3 star Michelin, distinctive food & presentation

Restaurant Review  Herald 1991   -   MHD59 exceptional food
London News 1991   -   One of the best chef in South Florida

Jan Norris, Food Critic 1991   -   Cuisine is chic, he does his homework to stay contemporary

Executive Dinner 1991   -   Fine food, fine service, dessert earned the restaurant merit for his creativity
MHD59 the right stuff - Food *****, Service*****, Atmosphere ****

Palm Beach News 1991   -   MHD59 intriguing cuisine, his culinary philosophy is highly developed

Club Management M. 1990   -   The special touch

Palm Beach Life 1990   -   Four of the world’s most exclusive clubs, It speaks for itself

Palm Beach 1989   -   MHD59, One of the top chefs

Palm Beach Post 1989   -   Food and dining - MHD59 perfect

Sun Sentinel 1989   -   Unlimited promise follows the beginning of each day, exceptional culinary versatility

Florida Trend Magazine 1989   -   MHD59, celebrity in the kitchen

Industry News 1989   -   MHD59 bring a progressive American cuisine to the popular Florida hotel

Nation’s Restaurant News 1988   -   MHD59 emphasizing menu

Orlando Sentinel 1988   -    Great Expectation

Los Angeles Times 1988   -   Impeccable credential. A fertile imagination sprouts at the 4 Seasons Hotel

California Magazine 1988   -   MHD59 a distinctive Sunday brunch in its full splendor

Beverly Hills Calendar 1987   -   MHD59 A master

New York Time 1987   -   MHD59, Top Chef in America

Travel & Leisure Magazine 1987   -   The talented Chef MHD59

Beverly Hills Today 1987   -   The innovation and style that MHD59 is known for

Miami Herald 1987   -   MHD59 the food is a dazzling as ever

Gastronome Magazine 1986   -   MHD59 is a genius

Bon Appetit Magazine 1986   -   MHD59 & Andre Surmain top chefs in America, four star for PB

Connoisseur Magazine 1986   -    MHD59 earns his stars every day

The Post 1985   -   Michel - perfect meal, Food *****, Service *****, Atmosphere *****

Miami Herald 1985   -   MHD59 Food so superb, it rated top star *****

Palm Beach Post 1985   -   MHD59 & Surmain, best chef of America, The art of dining

Nation’s Restaurant News 1987   -   MHD59,  Sumptuous

Miami Herald Sunshine 1987   -   Culinary work of art, MHD59

Master Chef Institute of America 1987   -   MHD59 presentation and selection of the dishes is brilliant

Palm Beach & Evening Time 1987   -   MHD59 Top Food

A few reviews that have been published in major magazines and newspapers around the country between 1985 and 1997 about the work of MHD59. Despite the fact that I lost most of the articles and many of the photos were damaged, I still found a few to share with you. Enjoy...

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