Casual Cooking At Home
Everyday Food (2015 - 2021)

The Year
of Reflection?

Washington state Apple with Cinnamon Pizza Crispy crust and Indian honey
Mirror egg with red bell pepper, spring onion, black rice and oriental mung beans salad
Red peach with rhubarb & strawberry “Crisp” with pomegranate puree
Array of grilled vegetables with mango chutney and Georgia peach
Beef filet with whisky cream sauce, roasted shallot, golden chanterelle, Belgium chicory and “Dandelion”
Smoked salmon and “Creme fraiche” pizza with lemon and ginger
Roasted free range chicken “Smoked” with pear alligator, plum tomato, wild mushrooms, red “Verona” and broccoli on toasted Indian curry flat bread
corn feed chicken with baby cucumber, portabello and “Xerez” vinegar
“Nicoise” olive pizza with air dried tomato and rosemary
Emerald watercress and orange pumpkin soup “Testing”
“Bayonne” Ham with asparagus and extra virgin olive oil
Whole west pizza with red onion, 3 types of pepper, lemon thyme and goat cheese
California salad with black sesame and ginger dressing

Casual Food
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Massaman” curry with coconut milk and cilantro
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