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Hand Painted Artistic Crystal Glassware

Since the 80's, MHD59 Maximin Lida has been putting together a hand painted glassware studio used to be known under the name of ZANY ETCETERA at LIVING COLOR, selling all over the world to shops, magazines and so on.
Today, the collection has been mostly reduced to ensure a maximum artistic work using only high quality crystal glassware made in the USA.

Museum Clock Charles Bukowski in time
Size: 41 x 37 x 7
Private collection:
Year: 1995
Museum Clock Full collection
Museum Clock Homage to OSCAR WILDE
Museum Clock: The DRAGONFLY SOLD
Museum Clock: Homage to HERMES, Paris
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MHD59 with partner Patricia Vasquez around 2006
Design menu - The glassware in the Hotel
Design glassware - “Ladies Who Lunch” Special Collection MHD59 SOLD
Design for Newspaper - The glassware in the Hotel
Design glassware - “Miro” and “Leopard” Martini - Special Collection MHD59 SOLD
Design glassware - “Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck” (Spend many nights talking with him in LA at Spago) with MHD59 Glassware and Designer Barbara Lazaroff
Design glassware - Glassware sold in mail order catalog “Flax” in 1997
Design glassware - Glassware Private Collection MHD59 / Patricia Vasquez SOLD
Web Design done for the art glassware - Zany etc then Living Cold etc. 1989 / 2009

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MHD59 in 1999
MHD59 and Patricia in 2005
MHD59 . Maximin Lida
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